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Our carefully selected featured products are ranked individually and overall, with side-by-side comparison, allowing the consumer to determine what desired product is best for personal needs. Before we continue, let us explain whom we are and why we are qualified to help.

Our names are Daniel and David, and we consider ourselves the ultimate sports enthusiasts. With both having years of experience in football, on multiple levels of competition, we understand the importance of performance gear, sports medicine and enhancing supplements. Within performance football gear, our passions are gloves, since we both played positions where grip and protection played an imperative role. We collect various football related gears and accessories, which in time has made us both accustomed to the knowledge of just about everything related to American football, and we love sharing our insight.

As all football players experience at some point, we have had our fair share of injuries too, so we have become experts in sports medicine. Products like athletic tape have helped prevent against serious harm, so we offer our knowledge on such products as well.

Supplements have always been a necessity, as we both have backgrounds in weightlifting, marathon running, baseball, basketball, and of course football. We understand the legality of supplements in sports and the extent at which they can be consumed, so our featured products are 100% legal and 100% safe.

How We Rank Our Products

First and foremost, we base our rankings and reviews highly off of consumer reviews for each product. We distinguish each product from how it performs and sells. After we compile a list, we test the products to ultimately decide which products are worthy of being featured on our site. Our personal opinions are as unbiased as possible. Each glove on our site is ranked based on 5 essential criteria; Price, Grip, Mobility/Flexibility, Durability and Ball Feel.

  • Price: We understand that desired gloves can be expensive. Therefore, we have top quality gloves ranked by our 5 criteria, price included, so you have a variety to choose from in all cost ranges.
  • Grip: Positions on the football field that come in contact with the ball understand the significance of this feature. Grip helps keep the ball secured tight, which prevents drops due to hits, trips and weather conditions.
  • Mobility/Flexibility: Movement is key in football. The ability to maneuver every part of your hand is essential in preventing injuries and optimizing your game performance.
  • Durability: Gloves do NOT last forever, so durability is important. Most pairs of gloves cannot last an entire season of practices and games, without enduring wear & tear. The duration of the gloves “On-Field Lifespan” is critical, otherwise you’ll find yourself purchasing new gloves on a weekly basis.
  • Ball Feel: This is our very own criterion, because how the ball feels in the hands of the football player is vital. Having the ability to actually feel the ball in your hands is way more effective than holding a ball with, say winter gloves. You’ll want the feel to be as natural as possible.

Look around and enjoy our site, find what products fit your needs, and if you have success finding exactly what you were looking for, which we are sure you will, then we’d appreciate a ‘share’ with friends and family!