Last but not least, Nike finally makes a one-time appearance on our top ten list, at the number 10 spot. Nike has always dominated the market in performance gear and apparel, with some of the largest endorsement deals, such as replacing Reebok in the NFL sponsorship. Today, Nike covers school and community uniforms from high school sports teams, college teams and professional teams.

When choosing the right football glove you need to consider quite a few factors – the Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves are very thin, which makes them lightweight and breathable for great ball feel. Though, when you choose ultra thin gloves, you need to consider that they may not be as durable as thicker material gloves. The stretch mesh material covering the top hand and knuckles is perfect for finger flexibility action, while the mesh covering the fingers allows for mobility. To prevent against overheating of the hand, Nike has incorporated many openings on the top of the Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Football Gloves, so the hand can stay cool.

The grip-side of the glove is Nike’s very own next generation Magnigrip that extends all the way to the wrist. The small thick leather tag is placed on the wrist-side, but does not interfere, allowing for more control – tape and wristbands do not interfere with the tag either. For people looking for protection, these football gloves have Hyperfuse technology, which is a seamless, lightweight support, so you gain the sense of protection for your fingers. Many customers and reviews have mentioned how these Vapor Fly Gloves give the feeling of supported taped thumbs, without the tape, which is a huge plus. On the downfall, the wrist section of the Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves have been said to have a poorer quality of protection.

For those seeking an All White Football Glove, the Nike Vapor Fly does come in all white. However, the downfall of an all white glove is how quickly they get dirty. Now a day, many teams play on turf fields, which reduce the amount of filth, but other teams still do play on traditional grass fields, where the wear-and-tear is harsher. White Football Gloves are always tougher to clean. The overall design of the glove is awesome. The glove’s name, Vapor Fly, appears on the wrist strap, while Nike is logoed in lettering on the palm grip. Nike always strives to be the best in design, and is highly recognized by consumers today, contributing to their brand loyalty. To meet the convenience of all football players, the Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Football Gloves meet the regulations and specifications of the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) for NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) standards.