One of the most important things that football linebacker gloves must have is grip. In everything you do on the field,, you want a firm grasp on whatever you get your hands on. There are a lot of different types of gloves out there. And all of them offer different strong points and weak points but what Barnett promises you is an amazing grip. No more fumbling for loose balls when they come your way, or when you pursue a quick recovery. With the Barnett Football Gloves, if you can get your fingers on the ball— it is yours. Never again will a ball slip through your fingers…Once the ball touches the B-TACK grip in the palm of the Barnett Football Gloves it is stuck there. No more lost fumbles.

Another aspect to consider is flexibility. You can have football linebacker gloves with extreme grip, but if that grip makes it impossible for you to get your hands around the ball, then they’re useless. What Barnett Football Gloves have to offer is extreme flexibility. While wearing these gloves, users find it easier to move their fingers. These gloves do not hinder the user at all. This allows the player to make the same movements required for a catch that they would make without the gloves on. Only the grip of the gloves ensures that once the player catches the ball, it won’t slip out of their hands.


It is important to consider durability. Would you quit halfway through the season? Neither will Barnett Football Gloves. They are durable and will last many seasons. They’re made of tough materials that just won’t quit.

Football linebacker gloves are also used for protection. They’re made to protect the fingers and hand, which have some of the most fragile and highly used bones in the human body. It’s important for football players to protect their hands. The back of the hand of the Barnett Football Gloves is done in CLARINO and a Spandex Lycra blend. This is for added protection. It also makes the gloves breathable, as well as makes it tack better. There are also strengtheners on the fingers and wrists. These gloves will protect you and lengthen your season because who wants to be on the bench for half a season because of a broken wrist or injured fingers.

The weight of the glove is an important factor when considering what glove to purchase. No one wants to be lugging around a pair of heavy gloves when their position of linebacker requires them to be fast and nimble. The Barnett Football Gloves are lightweight and feature a slim profile. The ideal glove is one that the athlete can forget about. When the athlete forgets about the equipment, it allows him to focus on the game. The less distractions a player has, the better they will play. Barnett Football Gloves fit seamlessly on to the hand. The Lycra and Spandex allows the gloves to fit a variety of hand sizes, making the glove feel like it’s custom made.