As a result of Cutters teaming up with Shock Doctor, they have released an excellent fully padded receiver glove, the Cutters ShockSkin Streamlined Glove. This specific glove has ranked number 7 on our top ten list, and for good reasons. ShockSkin Contour Technology takes this Gamer Glove to a whole new level. Once again featured in a Cutters glove on our top ten list is the C-Tack performance grip material, which is the only design where the grip is part of the material.

REV Tack Recharge technology is an innovative Cutters trade secret that has self- restoring sticky grip – This specifically allows football players to take advantage of excellent grip in all weather conditions. Whenever your Cutters ShokSkin Streamlined Gloves get dirty, all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp towel, and your grip will be restored. These football gloves are also machine- washable for the convenience of their users.

Seeking protection? This Cutters ShockSkin Glove has excellent low profile protection, without giving up feel, sticky grip and dexterity of a top ranked receiver glove. Significant grooves were made within the padding on the top hand to maintain flexibility and mobility, and due to the C-Tack performance material, this glove is tremendously durable and lasts much longer than most other gloves.

The main downfall of this glove, by users, is the breathability – the padding restricts the intake and output of air. The palm was not created with perspiration holes, like most of our top picked gloves. The design is highly favored, as Cutters incorporates ergonomic flexing air channels, allowing the player’s hand to move freely and unrestricted. Since this Cutters Glove was designed for receivers, the glove has been made lightweight with dual density athletic EVA foam for protection.

The wrist strap was designed to come a little bit further don on the wrist to increase protection, unlike most Nike or Under Armour Gloves. Another downfall, by users, is the restricted colors of this glove – with only 4 notable color combinations, the football player is limited. The Cutters ShockSkin Gamer Streamlined Football Gloves are recommended for receivers seeking protection, linebackers and running back positions. If you play at a high school level, these gloves may also be used at the OL and DL positions. The Cutters ShockSkin Gamer Streamlined Football Gloves also meet the regulations and specifications of the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) for NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) standards.