Number 8 on our top ten list of best football gloves goes to the Cutters Gamer All Purpose Football Glove. This is the last Cutters glove on this list and tied Under Armour with 4 of each gloves, dominating all other brands. Nike has always been said to have the coolest designs, but when it ultimately comes to functionality, Cutters steals the show. C-Tack is once again presented in this Cutters glove, allowing for outstanding grip.

This glove’s stickiness holds up in all weather conditions and is easily cleaned like all Cutters gloves. REV Tack Recharge is featured in this glove as well, so a damp towel to wipe away dirt or dust is more than enough to restore the grip. In-between games and practices, these gloves can be machine-washed and machine-dried, unlike many thinner material football gloves. Protection is no issue with this All Purpose Football Glove – the compressed foam padding adds compression protection all along the topside of the glove.

Just like the Cutters ShockSkin Gamer Streamlined Football Glove, this lightweight padded protection is low profile, with grooves to help support mobility and flexibility. All around, the Cutters Gamer ALL Purpose Gloves are enormously durable and outlasts most other gloves. The design of the Cutters Gamer All Purpose Glove was well thought out, in regards to usage vs. looks. The tag was placed on the bottom side of the glove, leaving no interference in wrist movement. Cutters designed this glove with effective ventilation all along the topside of the glove, and even incorporated all throughout the palm of the glove just like Under Armour did with the Combat III Football Gloves.

Although this football glove is limited to only 5 different colors, it is still favored in it’s magnificent All White look. Position recommendations for the this glove would be any agile position looking for protection, such as a running back, receiver, defensive backs and line backers. The Cutters Gamer All Purpose Football Gloves meet the regulations and specifications of the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) for NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) standards.