Under Armor stays on the list with the UA F4 Football Gloves at number 5 of our top ten list. The F4 Football Gloves are essentially the updated 2014 UA Glove of the F Series. Football Gloves from Under Armour have always been known as very lightweight and in a low cost reign of around $35, which is competitively cheap in today’s football glove market – Receiver Football Gloves are normally not found at such cheap prices.

The natural second-skin feel of the glove provides a compressed fit for great ball feel. The seamless palm also keeps the stretch material long lasting. UA HeatGear is featured throughout the glove, with extremely fabric-thin material. HeatGear is known for managing moisture and being absorbent of sweat throughout the duration of games. The rollover thumb once again appears on the F4 Receiver Glove – one of Under Armour’s patented features for support. Custom fit closure is simplistic when talking about the wrist strap.

UA did not label any designs on the interior wrist section like Nike typically does. The Under Armour F4 Football Glove also features its patented GrabTack Technology in the palm section for extreme stretch and ultra stick superior ball control just like its older brother the Under Armour F3 Full Finger Football Gloves. These F4 Gloves are extremely flexible and with larger than normal palm perforations, they provide great breathability. When gloves are breathable they don’t smell as bad and the sweat doesn’t get trapped anywhere.

Consumers and reviewers have mentioned a “different coating,” and the stick lasts longer, unlike the previous UA Highlights Football Gloves and Nitro Football Gloves. To meet the convenience of all football players, the Under Armour F4 Football Gloves meet the regulations and specifications of the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) for NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) standards.