Coming in number 6 of our top ten best football gloves is the Under Armour F3 Full- Finger Football Gloves, right behind its close relative, the Under Armour F4 Football Gloves. This specific glove was designed with UA’s HeatGear compression material to keep player’s hands performing at their highest level during games. GrabTack technology is once again presented in our top ten pick, with an enhanced sticky palm. Under Armour claims that it is the stickiest grip ever offered in a football glove, giving its user the upper hand edge on the field.

Mobility and flexibility is imperative for any position on the field, and with Under Armour’s 4-way stretch fabric, it allows for impeccable movement. The special stretch fabrication also accelerates dry time and shaping of the glove/hand. Under Armour’s Superior Moisture Transport System within the HeatGear compression material keeps football players cool, comfortable, and focused on the win. Ball control is not an issue while utilizing the Under Armour F3 Full-Finger Football Gloves, because as stated above, the single piece palm with GrabTack stick rolls over to the thumb as well – allowing for complete grip control.

For protection of the wrists, the gloves wrist straps are easily tightened and released, without coming undone on the field during game time. The design of this UA F3 Glove has been favored by many consumers, because of it’s silicone back of hand overlays, also found on the Under Armour F4, in our number 5 spot. UA designed the F-Series Football Gloves for speed and built them to protect the hands, without sacrificing mobility and flexibility.

A favored feature is Under Armour’s well-known, extremely high contrast UA logo graphic in the palm. The Under Armour F3 Full-Finger Football Glove is intended mainly for receivers, cornerbacks and defensive backs. Like all gloves on this list, to meet the convenience of all football players, the Under Armour F3 Full-Finger Football Gloves meet the regulations and specifications of the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) for NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) standards.